A Complete Gardening Guide for Kids

Exposing children to gardening can increase their knowledge about the earth, nature, healthy foods, and instill in them a lifelong desire to grow food. Preschoolers can start garden exploration with adult supervision. Plants can be grown in the class room, in an outside garden, or kids can have a trip to the farm.

Age appropriate activities can include such things as creating plant markers, learning about insects, reading seed packages, planting, learning about soil, distinguishing seeds and plants, determining space requirements for plants, and distinguishing edible plants.

Every garden needs objectives and planning. There are numerous websites listed here to help you find educational exercises and activities. You will need to determine which students will be doing what and when in your garden, where your garden will be located, if the garden will be seasonal or kept year round.

Considerations for garden sites include sunlight, drainage, and proximity to water. Tool storage, electricity access and accessibility to students, volunteers, and teachers are also factors. Activities will need to be scheduled, volunteers recruited, and curriculum planned.

This site includes information on gardening activities for children from preschool age through teens. For example: Preschoolers can move mulch, catch toads, blow the fuzz off dandelions, or plant last night's dessert such as watermelon seeds. Elementary student projects include: creating forts, tree houses, and secret hide-a-ways. For younger children, seeds, soil, holes, bugs, and water are infinitely fascination.

There is an online guide to school greenhouses with an overview of the key issues relevant to educators planning or conducting a school greenhouse program. This guide includes operational and horticultural information and how to actively involve students.

Information and products for educational gardening.

This website is brought to you by the University of Illinois, a recognized learning and development center for farming technology, horticulture, and plant biology. This site is aimed at fourth grade level students and includes learning about gardens, flowers, vegetables and the principles of horticulture.

Dan the Gardener and his friends live in The Three little Woods and is a wonderful Childrenís Gardening and Environmental website. Dan and friends encourage children and adults to respect nature by recycling and growing plants, fruits, and vegetables, while having fun. The aim is to make the world a better, cleaner, healthier and more beautiful place for us and future generations. Includes a shop with children's gifts.

This is a how to for involving kids in the design and evolution of the garden. Kiddie Gardens has safe play or relaxation area creation for children from toddlers to teens, container gardens, garden art projects, outdoor games, garden safety, and how to guides including:

And projects such as:

Painting Flower Pots
This is a great indoor activity for a rainy day and appropriate for any age group and skill level.

Garden Plant Markers
Create garden plant markers to know which seeds you have planted where.

Grow Cress Eggmen
A cress eggman will grow a healthy bunch of hair in just a few days which can then be eaten in egg sandwiches.

Potato Painting
Potato painting stencils project.

Garden Wind Chimes
How to make garden wind chimes.

TheKidsGarden was created by John Rowlinson, the founder of PtS. This is a great resource for creative gardening for children. Gardening is a great activity for children and place to teach a little biology. You will find articles from gifted experts with years of experience about planting seeds, watching them grow, encouraging wildlife, building a wormery, and learning about photosynthesis and pollination. Parents will find the tools to make their child's gardening experience really come alive.

The 4H virtual farm is a fun learning experience for kids.

Green Teacher is a non-profit organization for educators to promote global and environmental awareness among young people of all ages. The Green Teachermagazine is full of teaching ideas. Other Green Teacher publications include:

The School Garden Project is a nonprofit organization that assists schools in creating and maintaining gardens. You will find information on garden design and construction, working in gardens, and garden education programs .

Based in Lane County, Oregon, programs aim to promote school gardens for a holistic, engaging educational atmosphere. They encourage hands on experiences, healthy eating, and inspire curiosity about the natural world.

This web site provides teachers with inspiration for schoolyard greening to promote ecological literacy and environmental stewardship for students, teachers, parents and communities.

This fun and educational site offers quizzes, crosswords, word jumbles and more on herbaceous perennials for kids.

All About Plants is a website created by sixth graders on how plants grow, make food and reproduce, books, jokes, movies, poetry and songs.

School gardens provide great learning environments and help students grow plants and learn about nature. Kindergarden is a learning center aimed at gardening for kindergartners.

A school garden needs a garden committee to assign garden work, locate funding, schedule educational activities, coordinate volunteers, and research and disseminate information. The purpose of the garden must be defined to reinforce natural science classroom studies, social studies, or other curriculums. This page has a 6 Step plan to help you:

Gardening For Kids is a resource for childrenís education on outdoor plants, flowers and gardening.

The Farmerís Almanac beginnerís vegetable garden.

Garden projects for kids who live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here are winter gardening projects for kids.

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