Dixon Mower Parts

Dixon ZTR (Dixon) has been making quality mowers since its inception. Their range of riding mowers have been highly rated by professionals and consumers alike, and it is rare to see one have a fault. If that time does arrive, then Dixon produces a thorough supply of parts for all models, past and present, so your Dixon can be up and running again like a brand new machine.
The newer Dixon lawn mowers come with a warranty of up to two years that can be extended based on the dealer you buy from. If your Dixon breaks down in that time, make a call to your local service centre and they will fix your lawn mower for free. If your mower is past warranty, then too, sourcing parts is not a difficult task. 
As Dixon mowers are commercial grade riding mowers, it is advisable that you get the parts fitted at an approved service centre. Many general lawn mower service centers may not be familiar with the complex nature of these machines, and may make the problems worse in the long run. Dixon recommends servicing from an approved dealership.
Prices of common parts are as follows:

  • Blades

Blades come in different varieties, from the 30in Zeeter blade up to the Silvertip that carries a 72in blade. The smaller blades start at around $25 and large ones generally cost $100.

  • Brake discs -  $60-$100
  • Welch plugs - $50

Prices vary on all parts between approved and unapproved parts suppliers.
Where to Buy
You can order online through a national hardware retailer. Auction sites such as eBay are also an excellent source of both information and purchase. You can also gain more information from review sites such as Lawn Site and learn about pricing and discounts from sites such as Ask.com.
It would be a good idea to thoroughly analyze your choice before you form a definite decision. One way to do this, is to keep a look out for product ratings and rankings on active shopping sites such as Amazon. It is also advisable to keep reading up on reviews, product features and the latest developments in this area.
Useful Links
Find out more information about Dixon ZTR Lawn Mowers, their dealer and distributors, and all of their other products through the Dixon website.

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