A Home Gardening Guide

Few hobbies yield the reward of gardening. Tilling soil, planting seeds, and watching for signs of life as seeds germinate, grow, and mature is entertainment for all ages. Children master a lifetime of lessons and character building skills from the simple act of gardening. Calculating garden patches teaches math and organizational skills. Selecting which plants to raise promotes problem-solving and individual decision making. Tending gardens daily instills responsibility and accountability, while harvest time awards the sweetness of enjoying the fruits of one's labors.

Adults may choose to supplement meals with garden-fresh vegetables, or plant aromatic vegetation to brighten the landscape. Cultivation is leisurely labor for most age groups; seniors in particular benefit from gently stretching while tending gardens. With some planning, experiences in horticulture are enjoyed by those with special needs. For example, elevated gardens are perfect for those in wheelchairs. Gardening is simple, inexpensive, and can be done by almost everyone.  

Starting a Garden

Everything you need to know to plan, start, and maintain gardens.

Great how-to guide on starting garden transplants.

Five step guide to starting and tending gardens from Maryland’s Food Gardening Network.

How to start a garden from scratch; includes clear, informative photographs of various steps.

Professional Garden Landscaping listings in the USA.

Starting a Stimulus Garden to help feed families during bad economic times.

Choosing Plants & Flowers to Grow

Concise guide to growing herbs. Herbs offer medicinal as well as culinary benefits, and home grown are the best.

Taking time to investigate and select pest-resistant plants will make garden maintenance easier.

Informative guide to planning a butterfly garden, and suggestions for choosing butterfly attracting plants.

Learn to choose plants and develop a garden that appeals to all five senses.

An all-inclusive guide to selecting the best vegetables for a short season garden.

Pests & Problems

 Good general information about common garden pests and problems.

A guide to common garden pests and suggested methods to combat them.

Protect your healthy garden with safe and sustainable organic solutions to garden pests.

Fight insects and problems with non-toxic home remedies.

Pest control for common pests of home vegetable gardens.

Gardening Tips

Perdue Extension’s helpful gardening tips for beginning gardeners.

Gardening hints and tips covering planning for the next season to assessing your tools.

Eco-friendly gardening tips.

Tips on companion planting: growing plants that love each other while economizing space.

Gardening tips for the elderly.

Gardening with Kids

Tips on gardening geared toward kids.

Did you know you could plant a fairy garden or a pizza garden? Choose from theme gardens for an experience your children will always remember.

A step-by-step guide to planting a garden with youngsters.

Important guide to ways to keep children safe while gardening.

Enjoy gardening with your family.

Whether your garden is a window-shelf herb garden or several acres of tilled soil, your family will benefit from the time invested in learning to grow a garden.

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