Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda, famous for its cars and motorcycles, also manufactures residential lawn mowers under the brand name of Honda Power Equipment.
Honda lawn mowers tend to be more expensive than other models with identical specifications. The brand equity and credibility of Honda accounts for the premium price.
Honda lawn mowers come in 4 models:

  • The HRX
  • The Harmony II
  • The Masters
  • The Commercial

The HRX is Honda's new and more adaptable lawn mowing series. It features the Versamow SystemT. This system allows the user to have full control of clippings ranging from mulch, bag, discharge or a combination of the three. This, with the MicroCutT Twin Blade system grinds down the clippings so they take up less space in the bag. This model is available as a self-propelled mower.  
The Harmony II
The Harmony II series is Honda's standard mower. There are 6 different lawn mowers available in this series, and all are tailored to ensure you find the right mower for your garden. From Push mowers to 3-speed auto-transmission mowers, you can decide on the power you want. You can opt for bag or side discharge, or single or twin mulch.
The Masters
Honda looks upon the Masters series as being the very best walk-behind mowers available on the market. Hydrostatic transmission for exact walking pace movement means that you choose the speed you want to work in. Electric ignition enables the machine to start instantly each time. In addition to this, the Razor sharp contoured blades ensure a straight cut.
The Commercial
Honda has two lawn mowers in the commercial range. These mowers are similar to the Masters series, except that they are more robust and durable for commercial applications. They are suitable for rugged terrain and unpleasant weather conditions.

Honda Lawn Mower


Cutting Length

Cutting Positions

Cutting Height



21 in


0.75 - 4"


Harmony II

21 in


0.75 - 3.5"



21 in


0.75 - 3"



21 in


0.75 - 4"


Where to Buy
Honda does not sell any of their lawn mowers directly to the public. They have a network of independent dealers, distributors and retailers that market their products. You can also buy Honda mowers online at the official Honda website Honda Power Equipment . You can also try auction sites such as eBay for special deals or second hand machines.
Useful Links
Find out more information about Honda Lawn Mowers, their dealer and distributors, and all of their other products through their website, Honda Power Equipment. Other websites which can give you an idea about price comparisons and customer feedback are:

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