John Deere Lawn Mowers

John Deere is one of the most recognizable brand of lawn mowers, field management and commercial grounds-keeping products. The benefits of purchasing a John Deere lawn mower are numerous. Some of them are listed below.

  • John Deere lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes
  • They are backed by one of the most extensive networks of dealers, distributors and mechanics
  • They are built for reliability and value for money.

John Deere runs three main series of residential lawn mowers:

  • The 100 series
  • The L series
  • The G series

The 100 Series
The 100 series is recommended for areas up to 2.5 acres. This small residential mower has over 20 optional extras like snow clearing, hauling and blading. There are 7 mowers available in this series.
The L Series
The L Series mowers from John Deere are among the best in the industry. Recommended for areas up to 3 acres, they offer all the luxuries that are generally part of larger commercial machines. An on deck fuel gauge, 20 attachments, a 14in turning radius, headlights and service cycle gauge are all standard with the L series.
The G Series
The G series mowers are recommended for areas up to 4.5 acres. This machine is perfect for effortless mowing. The convertible deck adjusts hydraulically, so the cutting adjustments are millimeter perfect every time. The squat shape of the mower ensures stability even at acute angles and power steering allows perfect control.

John Deere Residential Mowers


Cutting Length

Cutting Positions



100 Series

Up to 48in

Up to 12

17 - 23hp


LT & LX Series

Up to 48in

Up to 16

15 - 18hp


GT & GX Series

Up to 54in

Up to 16

18 - 22hp


John Deere lawn mowers can be bought online at the official John Deere website.  In addition to this, they also run special offers offering discounts on older models and deals on used equipment.
Furthermore, you can visit a national hardware retailer and purchase them online. eBay is a credible website to purchased lawn mowers from.
John Deere offer financing on their products and have negotiated favorable terms with a financier. An application for financing can be found on the John Deere website.  
Useful Links
Find out more information about John Deere lawn mowers and other products visit the John Deere w ebsite.  

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