Lawn Mower Repair

Like with most consumer goods the decision to repair an item depends on its value and its cost to repair. If you?ve spent $4,000 on a riding mower you will want to get it repaired but you have to ascertain what the problem is otherwise you are handing over well-earned cash for little or no reason.

If you buy a new lawn mower, each one comes with a minimum 1 year manufacturer's warranty but some come with 2 years and up to 5 years. If you come across any problems during this warranty period contact your dealer immediately and not one cent will usually have to be spent to fix your problem.

Is it difficult to fix a lawnmower yourself?

It really depends on the type of problem and the kind of person you are. Some problems are reasonably superficial like changing blades or adjusting spark plugs. Other repairs are far more technical. If you are adept at fixing cars or any other kind of vehicle you will have the ability to fix a lawn mower. Many problems stem from the engine, the carburetor and the fuel line. These types of problems can be fixed yourself but unless you are confident of success you should seek help from a professional. They will save you time and money in the long run.

Get the best deals on mower repair

Use certified used parts to bring down the cost of lawn mower repair. Some people are wary of used parts, but certified used parts are almost new parts that have been checked and approved by a service technician of the brand your lawn mower is made by. This ensures that you still get the best quality items for a fraction of the original price. Most authorized service centers have access to these used parts so ask them to bring down the cost for you. If you choose to go to a non-authorised service centre then make sure you don?t used non-brand parts. Many do not stand up to the challenge and are often defective.

How to not get ripped off

Avoid getting ripped off by going to a certified parts and service provider for the brand of lawn mower you own. All of the top brands have an extensive after sales network that are qualified to provide you with the best service and with a relatively fixed pricing structure. They also offer a limited warranty on the repairs they have carried out. There are many unauthorized repairers out there that cater to a wider audience but it is difficult to maintain and measure any kind of quality control.

At what point it is just cheaper to get a new mower

If you have a large lawn area that needs to be cared for you will be getting major use out of your mower. The more active your mower is the more stress placed on it and its life cycle. If you envisage many hours of mowing ahead then it may be worth investigating buying a new mower completely. Even though it may be more economical to fix your current mower most new mowers come with multi-year warranties as standard. Making the investment now will save you time, money and stress over the next few years.

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