Why You Should Try a Lawn Vacuum

Every windy day in the summer, and every fall when the leaves start dropping, your yard is covered with debris. Leaves, small sticks, pine needles and even paper garbage that blows onto the lawn makes a huge mess. Itís the sort of stuff you usually slave to clean up with a rake.

Rake no more. Thereís a better way to clean up your yard: the lawn vacuum. Just like a carpet vacuum picks up debris from your floors and places it in an easy to dump bag or cylinder, a lawn vacuum sucks up all the stuff you donít want on your grass. The vacuum mulches up the debris and bags it so you can decide whether to throw the mulch away or keep it for compost.

There are a variety of models available, and most of them are easy to operate and easy to clean.

Vacuums for Yards of All Sizes

A lawn vacuum can be fairly compact. The small models are hand-held. Most vacuums of this size double as a blower. You can choose whether to blow those leaves away or collect, shred and carry them to the garbage can or compost heap. This type of lawn vacuum is excellent for smaller yards and is available at most stores selling lawn care equipment.

For a larger yard, there are lawn vacuums you can walk behind. These machines look like mowers and are designed for you to push. Most shred or mulch the debris, and many models offer the option of either leaving mulched debris on the lawn or collecting it in a bag.

If you have a very large yard, an acre or more, you probably already use a lawn tractor for mowing. Youíre the ideal candidate for a heavy-duty lawn vacuum attachment. These big, powerful machines can take on nearly anything cluttering your yard.

Lawn Vacuums Save Time and Money

The mulch your vacuum creates, especially from fallen leaves, is full of nutrients and makes fantastic food for grass, flowers, vegetable gardens, and the earthworms living there. Use the mulch as compost or bedding material and you wonít need to spend as much money on fertilizer or bark mulch. This is also an environmentally sound way to manage your yard, recycling waste as nature (more or less) intended.

Perhaps the biggest savings these machines create is in your time. Forget spending the day raking up leaves, bagging them and filling your garbage cans, or feeding them through a chipper. Instead, stroll or ride around with your vacuum, empty the bag and youíre all done.

Lawn vacuums come in many shapes and sizes, not to mention price ranges, so your best bet is to read the specifications on the models you like to make sure they can handle the size of your yard. Getting a lawn vacuum that is the wrong size for your yard will either frustrate you with its inefficiency or annoy you with the effort it takes to use. Like Goldilocks, you have to find the model that is just right. And when you do, youíll wonder what you ever did without it.

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