Murray Lawn Mower

Murray lawn mowers are one of the oldest brands of mowers in the world. With their hardy Briggs & Stretton Engines, consistent performance and tough exteriors they can withstand the most rigorous of conditions. Murray lawn mowers are the mower of choice for people who demand reliability. Murray lawn mowers are good value for money and are ideal for beginners.
Cleanest cut every time
Murray lawn mowers are ideal for lawns which need daily maintenance. Their biggest benefit is precision at every angle.
Ultra-fine mulching
Murray lawn mowers come with a standard mulching setting. Due to this, there is no need to use fertilizer to feed the lawn. Mulched grass cuttings are able to do the same thing and are environmentally friendly. Many of the Murray lawn mowers grind the clippings ultra-fine so the end mulch is invisible from a distance and barely noticeable when you are standing on the lawn.
Hardy build
Murray lawn mowers are built to withstand the most inhospitable of conditions. Their riding mowers have all the components completely encased under the steel alloy hood. The alloy hood is well vented so as to prevent over-heating. The tires are deep treaded and well threaded and are able to withstand being driven over sharp hazards.
Widespread Customer Support
In addition to all these benefits, Murray has an extensive inventory of parts and a widespread customer services network, so you can get your machine back and working again in no time.
Several Models and Options
Murray riding mowers are available with different cutting decks and widths. They are also available with alternative transmissions, including an automatic drive, and a manual gear drive available with 5 or 6-speed versions.
In addition to these, Murray lawn mowers also offer:

  • An overhead valve for the engine, which improves power and fuel economy.
  • A cast iron cylinder sleeve, which helps to prolong engine life.
  • A V-twin cylinder, resulting in a nice, smooth ride.

Where to Buy
You can buy Murray lawn mowers either from a large hardware and parts store on online from a credible dealer like eBay or Amazon. For more information, please visit the Murray website.
Useful Links
Find out more information about Murray Lawn Mowers, their dealer and distributors, and all of their other products through the Murray website.

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