Reel Mowers Revealed

Reel mowers are the environmentally friendly alternative to electric mowers. Although some reel mowers are electric the majority are powered through the physical exertion you invest. This is not to create the impression that reel mowers are arduous machines to use or operate, in fact, the reverse is the case.

Modern reel mowers are a pleasure to use with high grade blades making the job light work. Reel mowers are unlike their cousins (the modern-day swanky diesel mowers) they are merely a rotating blade which turns as you push the mowers’ frame along the lawn. The beauty of the reel mower is their unadulterated simplicity which means that every little can go wrong and if it does you can quickly identify what that is.

Why reel mower numbers are on the decline with the advent of newer, diesel powered mowers, the benefits of these mowers can not be overstated. Not only are they environmentally friendly as I have already mentioned but they are good for your health!! Today when everything is electrified and simplified for our ease, the result is that more than ever as a species, especially in Westernised countries, we are burning far fewer calories than ever before hence why this option is so good for you.

Whatsmore, reel mowers have the same attachments available to them as other types of mowers with rear-end catchment containers and various blades all available. The other advantage to these type of mowers is the cost. Not only are they cheaper than their electric or disel counterparts their running costs are zero. Having sung their praises there are a number of considerations.

Firstly, reel mowers will generally take slightly longer to use than the conveniental electric mowers on the market and are obviously restricted to lawns that are not overly big unless you are truly enthusiastic or wanting to get some serious exercise. Neither of which, mind you, should be discouraged. Also if you are starting out with a jungle, reel mowers are not the best. Long grass will impede the rotation of the blade and make pushing the mower very difficult. Reel mowers are ideal for general weekly maintenance of lawns, and for people who are happy to allow their lawns to have a more natural and not so ‘manicured’ look about them.

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