Riding Lawn Mower Ratings

Consumers are always scouring the internet looking for lawn mower ratings. There is a lot of information on the web about lawn mowers but finding ratings, let alone reliable ratings, is difficult. If you are specifically looking for riding lawn mower ratings then it even harder, if not impossible to find a trustworthy scorecard. Most ratings that you find are issued by the companies that make and market the mowers you are trying to find impartial information on.

On occasion you can find ratings on riding mowers made by all the top brands like John Deere, Murray, Scag, MTD, Craftsman, Husqvarna and many more. However, the ratings are usually part of a consumer study and to access the results you would have to pay a subscription. Considering you have no idea of the reliability of the source it is more worthwhile to get the information for the brand sites for free. This is strange considering these are big name brands with thousands of sales per year. You would think there would be ratings of the most popular mowers out there.

Read our reviews and see our product briefs

Even though ratings are hard to find, if you browse this site you can find numerous reviews and product briefs categorized by brand. This will definitely put you on the right track. There are links to all the big name brands of all the rider mowers you would need. Each specification list features all the details you would need to know before you make an informed decision like engine size, cutting width, extras, warranties and parts availability. The product briefs give an overview of all the riding mower that you need to review. From there you can probably draft a shortlist of the riding mowers you are interested in and delve deeper into the mechanics of each machine.

Check the brand website for detailed information

Actual ratings are difficult to find and unreliable. You can go onto the websites of the brands you are investigating and download detailed specification sheets, manuals and multiple photos of each riding mower you are interested in. You can take this process one step further by coming up with your own rating system.

Your own rating system can give you great insight into each mower you research and offer you a structure that you can clearly classify and rank the mowers in. As an example, give a mark for engine size, cutting width, number of cutting positions, cutting range, speed in forwards and reverse, number of clipping settings and any other category you wish. The higher the total score, the better the riding mower has scored using your rating system. You can also give marks on ease of use, availability of parts, warranty length and much more. Then you can make a fair comparison between several brands.

It would be more convenient to find ready-made riding lawn mower ratings but they are just to unreliable for you make an informed decision. Take the time out to investigate the right mower. When you have made your choice you will be rewarded with years of top performance.

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