Scotts Lawn Mowers

Scotts create high quality riding mowers and push mowers. Scotts lawn mowers were first manufactured by Murray and then by John Deere. Their best mowers fall under the S Series.
Scotts lawn mowers are no longer under production. Near-new and old Scotts mowers can now be bought online from reputed sellers.
The S Series
The S series comes in a variety of sizes. The popular sizes are:

  • The S1642 with a 16hp V-Twin engine and a 42in cutting length, for gardens up to 2.5 acres.
  • The S2554 with a 25hp engine and a cutting length of 54in, for 5 acres or more. This size comes in a 5 speed or a hydro-automatic transmission. It also has a side discharge and mulching options and a tiny turning circle.  

Scotts mowers are generally considered durable with a life of 3 years or more. Consumers also believe that the Deere models show better performance than the older models built by Murray.
Since the Scotts mowers are no longer under production, the L series or the 100 series by John Deere may be the best option. Priced at $1,500, they have up to 30 attachments and the benefit of the full John Deere support including home servicing. Both the L series and the 100 series have impeccable credentials.
If you buy a near-new or old Scotts mower, you can still benefit from the extensive John Deere network, which can assist in servicing your Scotts lawn. In addition to this, Scotts have organized a deal with Home Depot, in which they offer full service support and can provide additional options and accessories on your Scotts lawn mower.
Useful Links
Find out more information about Scotts lawn mowers including parts, warranty information and lawn mower manuals, through their website at The John Deere Website.
Scotts lawn mowers can also be bought from reputed sites like and Amazon. When buying old machinery, some of the things you should consider are:
Credibility of Seller
You may want to check on the credibility of the seller. A good way to do this is to read up on the customer services reviews, and ratings assigned by buyers to the machines you are interested in.
Spare Parts & Service
When buying older machines, it is a good idea to check if their parts are freely available, and if technicians are well versed n servicing them. In case something goes wrong with your newly bought machine, it would be prudent to have that information readily available. Some good websites are

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