Top Tips and Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

The front yard is really the first thing that people notice as they walk up to your house. Therefore it is no wonder that in recent years more and more people are accommodating landscaping of their front yard into their renovations budget.
Opting to landscape the front façade of your house is actually a very useful idea.  It not only increases the welcoming appeal of your house, but it also enhances the market value, in case you ever decide to place it on the market.
There are several landscaping experts and professionals who can help you choose an ideal structure and layout for your front yard. Alternatively there are multiple DIY options which can get you started before you seek out professional help.
In this article we will discuss some of the newer landscaping ideas for the front yard. But before we do that, let’s take a minute to understand the differences in landscaping options, between the front and the back yard.  

  • The front yard is mainly designed with the idea to improve the overall look and feel of the house. Whereas the backyard is mainly meant to provide ample room and space for outdoor activities with the family.
  • In the front yard you may focus on things like fountains and ponds. In the backyard one would generally accommodate a barbecue pit, some wooden benches or other types of backyard furniture.
  • You may also choose to circle your entrance way with rose bushes or other kinds of flowers and shrubs. In the backyard though, a good idea would be to concentrate on large trees which provide shade.

As promised here are some viable ideas to convert your front yard into a small haven.

Fountains and Ponds in Your Front Yard
Fountains and ponds add instant appeal to an otherwise ordinary façade. If you have the space in your front yard, it would be a good idea to accommodate either of the two, as an instant highlight. Fountains do have a tendency to attract birds, so if you plan to run short on patience, opt for a pond instead. Ponds require regular cleaning, but the good news is that it is easy and cheap to hire professionals to do the job for you.

Garden beds & Shrubbery Form a Pretty Landscape in the Front Yard
Garden beds add color to your “green” environment. When choosing flowers for the garden beds, you may want to divide the space into plants which bloom throughout the year. You may also want to add flowers which bloom seasonally, therefore securing a colorful ambience for your flower beds throughout the year.
Stacking is another option which can create more space for landscaping. Stacking means placing the garden beds one on top of the other. You can easily build these yourself or get professional help to achieve this.

Pavers & Fences Form the Bases for Beautiful Landscapes
When creating walkways, it is a good idea to choose bricks which either go with the coloring of your house or go with muted colors. Pavers and fences generally add a sense of organization to the front yard and are not for the purpose of adding color. Therefore using starkly colored bricks may actually take away from an otherwise beautiful landscape.
Useful tips

Play the Matching Game when it Comes to Landscaping your Front Yard
Choose the look of your front yard to go with the architecture of your house. If your house is rustic and much like an English cottage, roses would be the ideal choice for flowers in your garden beds. Similarly a fountain would also go well with the overall rustic image, but it may be a good idea to choose a fountain sans the cupid.  A simple fountain, with a bowl for birds to sit and drink from would be the best choice.

Use Patios and Walkways for Space in Your Landscaping Ideas
You may want to consider linking the various spaces within the front yard with walkways. This will give a more unified look to the place. In addition to this, walkways also protect your garden beds and shrubbery as people will walk on the walkways rather than on the free space.
Patios and walkways also create a sense of space and organization

Cover all Aspects within Your Front Yard
When planning to landscape your front yard, include all the surrounding walls, the sidewalk, and the deck in your plans. This will result in a much more beautiful and aesthetically appealing result.

Decide on the Focal Point for Your Front Yard Landscape
Let’s face it; you can’t focus on everything in your front yard. Therefore it is a good idea to pick one aspect and make that the focal point of the landscaping process. For example, you may want to build a fountain in your front yard. Choose a spot which would complement the type and size of fountain you are planning to build. Next build the garden beds, and place the patio furniture around the fountain in a complementary manner. 

Useful Resources for Landscaping Ideas
Some great resources for additional landscaping ideas for your front yard include taking a tour of relevant websites, watching TV shows and reading magazines which focus on gardening and house decorations, and if possible visiting trade shows on landscaping, architecture and interior design.

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