Tractor Implements

Tractor implements increase a tractor’s versatility, enabling the machine to perform more tasks. A tractor implement is an attachment that requires the momentum or power of the tractor and cannot run independently without the tractor’s power. Tractor implements are used for a variety of tasks such as moving dirt, tilling ground, chipping tree limbs, snow removal, grading and leveling driveways, and mowing large areas.  Tractor implements (or as they are more commonly known, tractor accessories or parts) include things such as:

  • Finish mowers
  • Box scrapers or box-blades
  • Post hole diggers
  • Wood chipper
  • Rear blade
  • Scraper box
  • Front buckets
  • Rototiller
  • Back hoes
  • Front end loaders or scoops
  • Rotary mowers or “bushhogs”
  • Fertilizer distributors
  • Straight blades
  • Breaking plows
  • A variety of different rakes
  • Boom poles
  • Discs
  • Cultivators
  • Diggers
  • Subsoilers
  • One-row plows
  • Universal ford bumpers
  • Utility trailers

Tractor implements are usually purchased at an additional cost to the tractor itself as they are generally not included in the standard tractor package unless specifically negotiated or bargained for. Tractor owners have an enormous range of tractor implements available to help them complete any task they need.  A tractor implement can make exhaustive, tedious tasks a snap.

By far one of the most popular tractor implements would have to be the front-end loader. The uses for this implement are countless, from shoveling to removing large quantities of turf, dirt or fertiliser. A front-end loader can even be used to carry around other equipment. If the front-end loader is used for especially heavy jobs, a counter-weight at the rear of the tractor is advisable and will provide greater traction.   The counter weight keeps the tractor in firm contact with the ground even whilst lifting these heavy loads. When attached to the tractor, a front-end loader should be kept low to the ground especially when driving loaded. Keeping the front-end loader low to the ground helps prevent any disequilibrium that could cause the tractor to become unbalanced and tip over.

Plows and discs are another type of popular tractor implements.  Plows and discs serve the function of preparing the ground for sowing. There are a number of different plows that can be attached to a tractor for different types of jobs.

Rotary mowers, or also known as bushogs, are also extremely popular. It is important to install the right size of rotary mower for your tractor. If the rotary mower is too small, the tractor becomes incredibly fuel inefficient, whilst if the rotary mower is too big the implement can quickly over-work your tractor or cause the tractor to become imbalanced. If you own a relatively modest sized tractor, (between 30 to 45 horse power), a 5 foot rotary mower would probably serve you best.  Remember to keep people away while cutting as there may be considerable air-borne debris produced by the mower that can injure anyone standing nearby.

Rear blades and scraper boxes, which are used to level dirt, sand or gravel, are also commonly requested tractor implements.  A scraper box is especially effective for leveling because it collects materials in a box as it scrapes.  Rear blades are effective for removing snow.

A post hole digger makes building fences easier, while wood chippers are great for cutting up big tree limbs.  A rototiller can help individuals cultivate large areas of land, while a front bucket is helpful for moving large quantities of small items (and heavy objects).  Brush cutters are also popular as they can be used to cut down large areas of brush quickly.

The right tractor implement can make your tractor into an even more versatile machine.  Tractor implements can be purchased online, in the dealer, or second-hand.  Beware of any homemade implements such as front-end loaders as they are generally of poorer quality and will not last.

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