The Best Tractor Review Sites on The Web

You want to purchase a lawn tractor or riding mower, but how can you be sure you’re buying something that is going to work? How do you avoid buying a model known to have problems?

If you do an online search for lawn tractor reviews, you’ll find a lot of sites that offer very little useful information. Many are pages that were cobbled together from various keyword phrases to rank high in the search engines but don’t really say anything. Some sites do offer reviews, but of only two or three tractor makes and models. For reviews that will really help you, check out the following sites, listed in alphabetical order.

Abby’s Guide – Outdoor Power Equipment

While it’s not the easiest place to find specific model information, this site is chock full of both reviews and user discussions of outdoor power equipment, including lawn tractors and riding mowers. You’ll find a wealth of information here, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to post a question. Unlike some other sites that offer forums, Abby’s Guide site has a very active subscriber list who ask and answer a lot of posts each day. There is a search option which can make finding information on a particular make or model of lawn tractor easier.

Compact Tractor Review

This site offers reviews posted by its members. Reviews are listed alphabetically by manufacturer, and there is a helpful search option. Where multiple reviews have been posted for a particular tractor, an average score is shown on the main review page. You’ll find reviews for lawn tractors, garden tractors, zero turn radius riding mowers and commercial riding mowers, as well as other lawn and garden equipment. The user forums here can be very helpful as well. Forum sections include buying/pricing help, answers to owning and operating a lawn tractor, discussions about parts and repairs, and a board for buying and selling lawn tractors. There are also forums for specific brands and much more.

Consumer Affairs

Want to make sure you don’t buy a lemon? This site is the place to go if you want to find out which lawn tractors to avoid. Consumer Affairs’ motto is “Knowledge is power.” The knowledge here comes from other consumers who report on their negative experiences with different products. To find lawn tractor reviews from the main page, click on Homeowners, then Lawn & Garden. Tractors and riding mowers are listed by manufacturer. Clicking on the manufacturer name gives you some basic information about the company, as well as a brief summary of the most common complaints listed in the reviews. You can then read the reviews themselves.

Consumer Democracy

The reviews and reports on this site are written by consumers, for consumers. The Riding Mowers section covers both lawn tractors and zero turn radius riding mowers. Reviews are posted in a non-alphabetized list, so if you’re looking for a review of a specific make or model, you’ll need to use your browser’s Find feature. Or, you can scroll down through the list and hope you spot what you’re trying to find. Posts include a rating, a review, notes of Pluses and Minuses, and suggestions from the reviewer.

Consumer Reports

This site is the gold standard of product reviews. Though the report posted here is visible to subscribers only, when you’re looking at investing thousands of dollars in a lawn tractor, the information found here is invaluable. The report on lawn tractors/riding mowers includes recommendations of the best makes and models, ratings of tractors currently on the market, information about reliability, repairs, features, retail prices, and more.

Consumer Search

This site offers meta-reviews. It looks at all the reviews of products in a given category, analyzes the top rated products according to those reviews, and identifies the product that is the best. Look in the Lawn & Garden section for lawn tractor reviews. The reviews themselves are rated based on testing, evaluations and credibility. The nice thing about this site is that it includes reviews from subscription-only magazines, newspapers, and shopping sites where consumers have left reviews of lawn tractors.


If you’ve already narrowed your choice of lawn tractor down to two or three makes and models, and you need help deciding between them, look them up on this site and check out the user reviews. Equipment is reviewed by ease of use, durability, noise level, and given an overall rating by people who own the tractor.

Home Improvement Stores

These are the online storefronts for the home improvement giants. If you look at the lawn tractors for sale on these sites, you’ll not only find descriptions and specifications of the tractors, you’ll find user-posted reviews as well


At ShopWiki, most of the review information is lifted from other sites, but it does have a handy breakdown of lawn tractors and photos of the models that are considered the best in each category. Categories include best medium-sized tractor, best for hilly terrain, best zero turn radius riding mower, best garden tractor, and best low-end tractor. Other sites have much more information to offer, but if you want a quick-and-dirty look at tractor reviews, this might be all you need.

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