Used Lawn Mower Parts

Inevitably there will come a time when you will need to replace a part in your lawn mower. At this point your warranty may have expired. What are you to do?
Parts can be quite expensive and if you need multiple parts changed, then your bill can get quite hefty. Opting for used lawn mower parts instead of new ones, may well do the job.
Used lawn mower parts allow you to save money; but there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing used parts.
Certified Approved Used Parts
The first thing is to look for certified approved used parts. If you purchase parts from a registered dealer, you can buy Certified Approved Used Parts. These are pre-owned parts that have little or no use, and have been checked and tested by authorized representatives. These parts can represent up to a 40% saving on full priced replacement parts.
Product at the End of Its Life
You do not want parts that will die and ruin your lawn mower only a couple of days after you have fixed it. Some online retailers offer used lawn mower parts for 30% of the retail price. These parts are well past their prime, and have been worked to a point that it is probably as worn as the part you are replacing.
These may be cheap but they are too worn to be an effective replacement.
Some Parts are Best Bought New
The most commonly replaced part on a lawn mower is the blade. Since lawn mower blades are worked every time the mower is in action, it is fair to say that a used lawn mower blade may be very worn or blunt. Frequent use can also cause blades to become gouged, dented or chipped. This will affect your cut and also the health of your lawn. Blades of grass need to be cut straight to promote growth. If grass is torn it can get diseased and die. Therefore it may be a good idea to opt for a brand new blade instead of an old one.
It is vitally important to check the quality of the used part you are planning on buying.
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