Woods Lawn Mowers

Illinois based Woods has been constructing lawn mowers since their inception in 1946. They have a strong reputation of being one of the premier providers of utility equipment for landscapers, gardeners and hobbyists.
Woods lawn mowers come in an assortment of guises with under-mount mowers, finish mowers and riding mowers. The two most popular models are:

  • The Turf Batwing mowers
  • The Rotary Cutters

Turf Batwing Lawn Mowers
These industrial strength mowers allow you to cut acres of lawn every day. The flexible wing decks fan out on either side of the central mower to create a cutting width of up to 17ft. This coupled with an engine size of 80hp makes this mower one of the most powerful and robust mowers available in the market. This machine is perfect for large fields and parklands.  

Woods Turf Batwing Lawn Mowers

Model Number

Cutting Length

Cutting Range




12 ft

1" - 5"

35 - 80 hp



15 ft

1" - 5"

35 - 80 hp



17 ft

1" - 5"

40 - 80 hp


Rotary Cutters
Woods Rotary Cutters come with single and multi-spindle cutters. These enable oddly shaped grounds like ditches, slopes and banks to be mowed easily. With 16 kinds of Rotary Cutters available, Woods have many styles to suit different needs.

Rotary Cutter Lawn Mowers


Cutting Length

Cutting Range



Single Spindle

42" - 72"

1" - 15"

30 - 65 hp

$1,000 - $4,800

Multi Spindle

80" - 168"

2" - 13.5"

40 - 125 hp

$4,380 - $5,200


180" - 240"

2" - 15"

70 - 250 hp


Where to Buy
Woods have a network of independent dealers, distributors and retailers to market their products to the public. You can also order online through a national hardware retailer. Please visit Woods Equipment for more details.

Purchasing Woods mowers online can be a viable option. There are several reputed sellers, who also offer special deals and shipping options, to make your purchase easy and efficient. It is a good idea to read reviews from other buyers before making a decision. You can get more information on Woods mowers and online purchases by visiting Nextag.com.
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Find out more information about Woods Lawn Mowers, their dealer and distributors, and all of their other products through their website Woods Equipment.

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